We were the software & data provider for these local campaigns. They All Won

Election Cycle 2016

We were the software & data provider for these local campaigns. They All Won

The secret to winning local elections (races like school board, water board, city council and mayor) doesn’t necessarily have to do with the message you focus on, the color of your campaign yard signs or even fundraising efforts. It’s nothing as complex as that; in fact, it’s very simple.

To win a local election you need to: reach a likely voter more times than your opponent.

Knocking on doors, making phone calls, writing letters and sending personalized follow-up & thank you emails; in other words, you need that likely voter to see your name in every which-way they turn.

Before computers and smartphones this may have seemed like a daunting and expensive endeavor but with today's technology, it's not.

At CampaignRep, we harness the power of open-source technologies and craft web-portals that act as your online-digital control center to track, analyze and set goals for your voter outreach efforts. 

Learn how these 2016 winners:

  • Created targeted lists (ex. High Propensity, Latino Outreach)
  • Used their front-end websites to promote and capture data
  • Created thousands of personalized letters along with mailing labels
  • Sent tens-of-thousands of emails daily
  • Made print (PDF) walk & phone lists
  • Used our phone app w/ GPS to instant capture voter responses
  • Managed and tracked relationship with voters



Leticia Vasquez, Board Member Elect - Central Basin Water Board Division 4

Leticia Highlight

Director Leticia Vasquez wins our MVP for 2016. She stared her campaign early and hit the ground running. With over 150K voters in her race, Director Vasquez focused primarily on "high propensity" voters and cut many different lists by demographics. She was very strategic in her voter outreach efforts and also relied heavily on the front-end part of the portal to promote her endorsements and achievements via her website.


Arianna Barrios, Board Member Elect - Rancho Santiago CC Area 7

Arianna Highlight

Board Member Barrios relied on her web portal for deep data analysis. She created dozens of targeted lists to craft her message accordingly. The system let her query first-time voters, seniors, voters by party affiliation and extract that data into Excel so that its ready for print at the mail-house. She also used the Mass Emailing component to interact with voters via email.


Albert Robles, Mayor Elect – City of Carson

Albert Highlight

Mayor Robles had a contentious re-election race in the City of Carson. Although he already had a strong and strategic outreach program in place, he relied on CampaignRep for sending out Mass Emails to voters. His interaction with voters via email was about engaging them on the major issues affecting his crucial race.


Gene Hernandez, Councilman Elect - City of Yorba Linda

Gene Highlight

Councilman Elect Gene Hernandez from Yorba Linda relied on his web portal for querying different demographics and party affiliations. He created dozens of lists and extracted data to Excel for his mass mailing program. He also used the Mass Emailing component of his web portal to communicate with voters via email about the important issues affecting his race.