Search for those Contacts Missing an Email Address

Search for those Contacts Missing an Email Address

By now, you should have a basic understanding on searching through your data. So let's do something a bit more complex. 

Say you want only those contacts that are MISSING an email addresses. 

Say you're running a political campaign and you do a search query for those contacts that are High Propensity (those contacts who vote every election) but out of those you only want your results to include those High Propensity Voters that DO NOT have an email address because you want to create a phone call list and call those voters directly. They are obviously not receiving your email newsletter so you will have to reach out to them manually.

There are several ways to do this. In this case we will first need to do a search query for ALL High Propensity Voters (email & without) and Tag them with a Tag that we'll name "High Propensity Voters." Then we will simply add a condition that will filter these even further by telling our system to only include "High Propensity Voters" that have an "Email Address that is EMPTY." 

Step 1: If you are "tagging" search queries then the Tags must first be created. From the top menu go to: Contacts -> New Tag. Then name your Tag and select "Contacts" for "Used For" and hit Save. 
In this case create 2 tags:

  • One named "High Propensity Voters"
  • And the other "High Propensity Voters WITHOUT Email"

Step 2: Once the Tags are created head over to the "Advanced Search" page by clicking "Search" in the top main menu and select "Advanced Search"


Step 3: In the "Advanced Search" page set your criteria to pull "High Propensity Voters." In this case, select ALL Voters from your Groups and filter down to those who voted in the past two general elections of Nov 2012 & Nov 2014 (either by mail or at the poll). "Voter Information" will reside in the "Custom Fields" section.

Step 4: Hit "Search" and now your presented with all voters who are "High Propensity"


Step 5: In the search results you will select "All records" and then you will add an action. The action you are looking for is "Tag - add to contacts" to add all these records to the Tag that you created in Step 1. Select the Tag and click "Tag Contacts." This may take a few seconds depending on the amount of data that is being tagged but when finished you will be presented with a Successful Tagging of Contacts message. 

Step 6: Now that you have successfully segmented data, the next step is to build a custom search query. From the top menu go to: Search -> Search Builder.

Step 7: The Search Builder page lets you mix and match search criteria to make more fine-tuned searches for special circumstances. Like in this case we need those High Propensity Voters who DO NOT have an Email Address. 
Here we are telling the system 2 things: 

  • First, Pull all Contacts that are tagged with "High Propensity Voters in Willowbrook Area." 
  • Then you hit the "Add another search field" link and define that field to include those Contacts who's Email Address "Is Empty" and hit "Search." 

Step 8: And there you have it! A list of High Propensity Voters who DO NOT have an Email Address on file.


Step 9: And now what you want to do is Tag these search results with the Tag that you created named "High Propensity Voters WITHOUT Email." Follow the same steps you did in "Step 5"


Now that you've segmented your data, you can do whatever you want with it like export it to create a Call List