How Many Females vs Males?

How Many Females vs Males?

Whether you want to invite females in your database to a Women's Empowerment Conference or ask all males to fill out a survey. If you are running a political campaign you may want to know how many Female Voters there are compared to Male Voters.

Whatever the case, there are times when you just need a quick search to know how many Females and/or Males there are in your database. 

In this Data Crunch Series we'll accomplish this task in just 3 simple steps!


Step 1: From your Backoffice click the "Search" link and then select "Advanced Search"

Step 2: In the "Advanced Search" page scroll down to the "Basic Criteria" section and choose which audience you want to run this search for. 

For example; If you only want to know how many Female Voters there are compared to Male Voters, you will simply the "Voters Group" in the "Group" option. Or if you are running a student program and want to know how many Male Students are there compared to Female students. In this case you will make sure only "Students" are filtered in this search. If you want to search everyone in your database leave this section as is and move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Next scroll down to the "Demographics" section and click on it to expand its options. Under the "Gender" options select Female and hit "Search"

And just like that you should be presented with the number of females that exists in your database along with a list of those results underneath.


Follow the same steps and query the results for Males.

Side Note - Best Practices
"Group" it or "Tag" it: If you will need these results at a later time or you want these results as a reference for a colleague then it is always good practice to create a Tag and Tag'em. If you know for sure that you want to email these search results (ex: inform all "Females" about "Woman's Empowerment Conference") then create a Group and Group'em.

Learn More About Groups & Tags